Can Penny Stock Egghead Really Turn $1,000 Into $5 Million?

Below is a review of Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead newsletter.

Nathan Gold, the owner and editor of Penny Stock Egghead stock picking newsletter, has been around the stock market for a very long time. The Penny stock market in particular. He has a knack for finding profitable trading opportunities. And… he sends them out to his subscribers frequently.


He makes some claims that he can show you how to turn $1,000 into $5.7 million in 5 simple steps. Is that possible? It sure is. And he shows you how to minimize your risk at the same time. Here’s the great part. You’re not stuck at your computer all day long watching stock either. You’re also not staying up all night analyzing stock charts and patterns for secret signals that tell you when you should buy or sell. Why? Because Nathan does all this for you.

So how does he do it? How can you turn $1,000 into $5.7 million from trading stocks in the stock market? We’ll get to that shortly. For the most part, Penny Stock Egghead focuses on low priced stocks that carry a high risk, but at the same time carry a high reward potential. The trick is when to buy and when to sell. You’ve heard the term, buy low and sell high right? Well Nathan takes this a bit further. He says to buy low, sell high, the buy low again and sell high again, until you have parlayed your money into a substantial gain. He even shows you how to minimize your risk and maximize your profit at the same time.

But why penny stocks? Most people lose all their money trading these right? Its true, many people do lose their money trading penny stocks, and many people become millionaires. How do you think full time traders do it? They must be doing something right, right? That’s because they are experts, have studied, have trading tools, have analysis tools and have access to premium data that helps them compile all this information and apply special techniques and methods that have been finely tuned and formulated over years of hard work. Guess what, you won’t have to do this with Penny Stock Egghead, the stock picks will arrive in your email box.

Is Penny Stock Egghead A Scam?

Nathan shows you how to take your initial investment portfolio and follow along with his stock picks.

Using what banks call compounds, or parlaying, you will utilize your gains from each stock trade to snow ball your sum into potentially millions of dollars. Here’s how it works.

For example, to use real trades that Nathan has done in the past this 5 step approach is quite simple, the trick is to find the right stock picks, but don’t worry, this is where Nathan comes in. Look below.

 Five Step Trading System

Step 1: Your initial investment of $1,000 becomes $4,625.

Nathan found AXTG for a whopper gain from .75 to $3.47, for a 362.67% return.

Now Nathan says to take your initial $1,000 and put that back in your pocket, so now your investing with profits, not your seed money. You’ve just avoided potential losses.

Step 2: Take the $2,625 in profits and turn that into $32,812.

Nathan identified IOGH (International Gas and Oil Holdings) as a potential mover, and boy did it move. In just a 3 month span, IOGH went ballistic from .02 to .25 to give a potential 1,150% gain. Wow

Step 3: Your $32,812 quadruples.

Nathan sent out CNWI for a 400% return, this would make your $32,812 become $164,000. Not too shabby. These types of gains happen more often then you think in the penny stocks market.

Step 4: Turn that $164,000 into $1,090,000.

Nathan identified an oversold stock situation, and timed it beautifully. GTXO turned out a 566% return for those who got in at the right time.

Step 5: Go from millionaire to multi-millionaire.

While scanning the markets for certain signals, a special situation popped up on the radar. GPRLF. This was when silver was gaining momentum, and this company was in the right place at the right time, and so was Nathan. GPRLF was one of those rare occurrences of a penny stock moving to a larger exchange.

In the situation above, you just turned $1,000 into $5.7 Million. Can it really happen? Well, those are real trades up there that Nathan Gold made, and Nathan send them out frequently to his newsletter. A stock picking newsletter that has been around for years.

Guess what, you can try it out risk free too. See Nathan says to watch his picks for 60 days, even paper trade them. Then see if you were able to be profitable on paper, following Nathans techniques for profit and risk avoidance. If you don’t like it, get your money back. How many services do this?

Go ahead check out Penny Stock Egghead and stop losing money in the stock market.

In case you didn’t know, what a penny stock was or is, this is a bit of a broad definition.

The generally accepted definition of a penny stocks is any stock that trades under $5.   Ivestopedia says:

The term itself is a misnomer because there is no generally accepted definition of a penny stock. Some consider it to be any stock that trades for pennies or those that trade for under $5, while others consider any stock trading off of the major market exchanges as a penny stock. However, confusion can occur as there are some very large companies, based on market capitalization, that trade below $5 per share, while there are many very small companies that trade for $5 or more.

The typical penny stock is a very small company with highly illiquid and speculative shares. The company will also generally be subject to limited listing requirements along with fewer filing and regulatory standards.

The SEC says:

Penny stocks may trade infrequently, which means that it may be difficult to sell penny stock shares once you own them. Moreover, because it may be difficult to find quotations for certain penny stocks, they may be difficult, or even impossible, to accurately price. For these, and other reasons, penny stocks are generally considered speculative investments. Consequently, investors in penny stocks should be prepared for the possibility that they may lose their whole investment (or an amount in excess of their investment if they purchased penny stocks on margin).

In fact, the SEC has strict rules for full service brokers recommending or selling penny stocks to clients. Many times the client has to sign a form of disclosure and waiver stating that you understand the risks.

These stock normally have only a small amount of shares available in the market, and sometimes the smallest amount of trading volume can send the stock price to the extreme either up or down. And this is what makes them attractive to day traders.

These markets could be considered the underbelly of Wall Street, that is if you haven’t been behind the scenes of a major Banker deal going down. I’d say they are pretty equal just on different levels.

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Penny Stock Egghead
Nathan Gold provides fairly unique insight into the stock market. Some of his penny stock picks are actually paid promotions, but if you make money, then that's OK. Nathan actively monitors for feedback from his subscriber base and communicates well. It is quite possible to make your subscription fee back on the first trade. Nathan Gold provides a 60 Day test drive.
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Comments (2)

  1. Patrick M.

    I’ve been subscribing to PennyStock Egghead for about a year now and have loved the objective advice Nathan gives. He really does look for quality stocks and I’ve made some pretty nice profits on a lot of his suggestions. Being still fairly new to investing I have been dabbling a lot in penny stocks to try and grow my account. I may not have a big account, but it’s a lot bigger than it was a year ago. On just one of Nathan’s picks this year I managed to make my investment back ten-fold!

    With so many penny stock scam sites on the net, I’m thrilled to have been able to find someone that is such a straight shooter. I don’t like reading a lot of fluff and Nathan’s reports are always straight to the point and neither too long nor too short. I’ve signed up for several websites this year and some reports bore me to the point where I can’t even get past the second paragraph. I always look forward to Nathan’s next stock announcement and especially love how most of them are very low priced. I can afford them and have made a great profit on several of them! I trust this guy!

    Patrick M.
    Santa Fe, New Mexico

  2. Marco D.

    I’ve been trading the market for just a few months. My cousin actually told me about Nathan and his website and I signed up immediately after. I’m not someone who has a lot of time to be researching for ideas because I work many hours. Nathan has made it incredibly easy for me to make money in the market. His reports are easy to read and follow. I’ve tracked most of the stock ideas that I’ve received in my e-mail from him and MANY have seen some nice gains after his announcements. I’ve made a nice profit (55% return on my investment on one, and 112% on the other!) on a couple of suggestions he’s given and plan to start trading his ideas a lot more.

    I definitely recommend subscribing to PennyStock Egghead. Very good research, quality stocks. I was a bit weary of penny stocks from all the bad hype they receive but this guy is pretty legit. He’s put my mind at ease with a lot of the fears I’ve had. I especially like that he doesn’t send out announcements left and right. I’ve signed up for other websites that fill my in-box with one company after the other. I don’t know where to even start with so many choices in front of me! Nathan sends me one idea a week and that’s all I need. Working so many hours during the week leaves me with very little time when I get home to start doing tons of penny stock research. I’m always eager to see what Nathan’s next suggestion is each Friday and I love having time on the weekend to do my research.

    Marco D.
    Queens, New York